Sunday, October 23, 2011


Hurray! Twenty weeks of vegetables!

Our work at the farm continues: spreading compost, seeding cover crops, prepping ground for the garlic planting, harvesting for CSA distributions.  The farm is beautiful right now with the fall colors all around, the rye sprouts turning the fields green, the slowed pace of the work.  Tracy and I are happy and relieved that three of our crew will be coming back for the 2012 season (Kasey, Tonya, and Dakota.)  What a blessing to know we have such an excellent crew lined up for another season!
Despite a relative abundance, we're now feeling the pinch from the brutal rainy weather of the summer's end.  Cabbages, carrots, daikon,  spinach, rutabegas,  all small and slow to grow in wet ground.  Thankfully, we ought to have plenty of food to get us to the middle of November, just not the overabundance we had last year.  Such is the reality of the real growing season in New England!
Now that our farmer's market in Norfolk is finished for the season, our family celebrated by taking a hike up the mountain overlooking the farm.  With no trail to follow, we bushwacked our way up the ridgeline, Baxter on my shoulders, Bea, Tracy, and Sedge leading the way.  Forty minutes into the hike and we were at the top, with a beautiful view of the farm and surrounding mountains. (Pictured).  
We are so blessed to live amongst such beauty, and thankful for the time, finally, to "recreate."
Here's approximate harvest #20:
"new" radishes
baby chard/spinach mix
winter squash
Kale/ Collards
turnip greens
Your farmer,

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