Friday, August 7, 2015

RECIPE: Shamir Yogurt Soup

Difficulty Level: EASY

Note: For those of you who like tzatziki and other cucumber soups, this soup was invented by my Israeli cousins, The Shamirs. It so happens that shamir means dill in Hebrew, so this is a great pun since it uses dill as a main ingredient. Don't forget the walnuts - they are a great addition! -Aliya Cheskis-Cotel

-Equal proportions yogurt to water (get a big container of yogurt, empty it into a bowl, fill container with ice water and empty the water into the bowl)
-Peeled cucumbers sliced very thinly
-1 tbsp. Oil
-1 tbsp. Vinegar (not Balsamic)
-crushed garlic
-walnuts (whole)
-a big bunch of dill (aka shamir), chopped (or cut up with scissors)

Combine all ingredients, and enjoy!

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