Thursday, September 26, 2013

RECIPE: Southern California Style Egg Bake

Difficulty Level: Intermediate 

Note: This is a medium difficulty recipe, but only because it takes a whole bunch of ingredients - but it uses several recent CSA ingredients, and I think you could easily throw in a few more -- the tomatoes, squash, and okra would all be fine to add in, or even corn instead of posole -- just don't leave out the lime, that is key! :) This makes for a fabulous hearty brunch.

·        1 TB oil
·        2 red onions
·        1-2 jalapenos or other small spicy peppers
·        2 red  or other sweet peppers
·        2 ears corn
·        1 TB cumin
·        1 TB dried, powdered chile de arbol
·        1 TB salt
·        1 12 oz can Mexican style spicy tomato sauce
·        1 16 oz can pozole
·        6 eggs (or 2 eggs per diner)
·        1 cup shredded cojita cheese
·        2 limes
·        2 avocados
·        2 cups fage or other greek yogurt

·        Finely chop the onions and peppers
·        Cut corn off the cobs
·        Slice Limes


·        Heat oil in the skillet, and add onions, then peppers, with about half the salt, stirring and allowing vegetables to carmelize
·        When onions and peppers are softened, sweep veggies to the side of the skillet, and toast cumin and chile de arbol in the skillet, then mix in with onions and peppers and add corn
·        Stir for a few minutes, then add the Mexican tomato sauce
·        Stir everything together and allow to cook down
·        When close to ready to serve, squeeze limes over the mixture, taste for seasoning and add salt or cumin if needed
·        Crack the eggs over the top of the sauce, trying to place them evenly
·        Sprinkle cojita cheese over the top, place slices of avocado between eggs, and then sprinkle cilantro over everything, cover for a few minutes or until eggs are just cooked, and then serve with big dollops of fage

Submitted by Adrienne Mishkin

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