Thursday, July 26, 2012

Miller's Biodiversity Farm Update

It has sure been a hot and dry spell of weather the last two weeks here on the farm. Fortunately, two years ago we began to put into place a new grazing system that we feel has been of great help this year. We are working hard on building high organic matter on our farm which has enabled the soil to hold more water and nutrients and therefore translates into helping to produce food that is more  nutrient dense both for our animals and for our customers and our own family. 

This month we harvested our own certified organic garlic. It is German white extra hardy garlic and we are pleased that it is certified organic and our own crop. This garlic is for sale now at $12.00/pound for either seed or garlic for cooking/eating. If you would have any questions on how to plant garlic, please feel free to call and we will be happy to help.  We will have garlic only while our supply last, so act quickly!
Here are two quotes we would like to share:

“Nations endure as long as their topsoil.”
                Henry Cantwell Wallace (Iowa State College of Agriculture)

“The wealth of a nation can be measured by the depth of it’s’ topsoil.”
                Thomas Jefferson

Wishing you Good Health and Happiness,
Aaron and Rebecca Miller and family
523 Valley Road Quarryville, Pa. 17566

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