Sunday, June 20, 2010

FARM NEWS 6.20.10

Hi folks,
First note, before the fun stuff: We need more shares, please help by spreading the word to your friends. Thanks to all who have done so. (Basically we have 250 shares and are hoping for 300).

Cody, Renee, Biz, and Dan are all out in the field this week transplanting brussels sprouts, trellissing tomatoes, hoeing fennel, cucumbers, chard, and romaine lettuce. We're also quite busy with harvests (three days of harvest for 250 shares and two farmers markets.) Bea, Baxter, and Tracy are back from a trip to Maine and are eager to work in the children's garden, (mostly hoeing), and farmer Dan is getting ready some land to plant the fall carrots.

Here's this week's harvest:
scallions, turnips, radishes, kohlrabi, arugula, garlic scapes, komatsuna, dandelion, spring cabbage, romaine, lemon balm or parsley or cilantro.

Cooking notes: With kohlrabi, do as you would with salad turnips, skinned and raw is OK, skinned and sauteed is fantasimo. With komatsuna, think bok choy stir fry. Finish with sesame oil and Ume Boshi vinegar. With garlic scapes, do as you would with garlic bulbs. Basically it's a universal food, like onions. With dandelion, fear not the bitter. Add bacon or butter and some sweet basalmic. We love dandelion with our kale or chard. Dandelion also goes well raw with the romaine. Should every bite be sweet, after all?

A note about arugula: maybe try wilting it in the final cooking of pasta or rice. This veg doesn't always have to go raw. Also basalmic on the arugula post wilt seems to enhance its goodness.
Be warned, these cooking notes are from Dan, whose expertise is more in the field, less in the kitchen.
Hope y'all are enjoying the early season bounty!
ps. attached is a pic of Tracy and Baxter, bringing home supper. Baxter, 17 months, born at home. Maybe check out the farmwifery blog to find out more...

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Anonymous said...

Garlic scapes are also great steamed or sauteed, they have the mouth feel of green beans and a mild flavor.