Monday, October 12, 2009

GENERAL INFORMATION: Grains and Beans for Sale

Hey gang,
So this Tuesday, we will have a guest vendor, Cayuga Pure Organics who will be selling dried beans, whole grains and milled flours. I was introduced to Cayuga by a fellow member and chef, Sierra and after experiencing the spelt flour and beans myself, I thought they might be a good addition for shares next season.
So in order to gage interest, I invited Cayuga the opportunity to come and sell their products to our members. Below is more information about them including the prices for their offerings on Tuesday.

Please e-mail me with your comments re: shares next season after you've had a chance to experience their products.


Cayuga Pure Organics, based in the Finger Lakes region of central New York, is an Organic farm with a mission: To re-build our local food systems in harmony with the land, and in the spirit of community. In everything we do, on the farm, and at the markets, we reflect upon this mission, in order to operate at the highest level of quality and integrity. Our diverse line of quality bean, grain, and dry milled products exemplify these values, not only by their superior flavor and nutrition, but also by the sustainability of the practices which produce them. To find out more, or to view the full line of certified organic products, visit

Our beans and grains are so fresh, they are still considered “live”. Full of enzymes and high quality oils, they are in a different class than their store bought counterparts. For instance, our dry beans cook in half the time, and our milled wheat & spelt products have an unbelievable flavor, which in most outstanding when enjoyed soon after the date of milling. We are thrilled by the opportunity to visit Chubby Bunny CSA and meet directly with its members. Building on the pillars of food and community, we will nourish much more than just our health. Our offering for this special engagement will include:

o Four varieties of Dry Beans, including Black, Pinto, Red, and Navy @ $4/lb.
o Whole Grains including Wheat Berries @ $2/lb., & Spelt Berries @ $3/lb.
o Premium Whole Grains including Farro & Freekeh @ $6/lb.
o Milled Wheat products including Whole Wheat, Spelt, & Cracked Wheat Cereal.
o Milled Corn products including Cornmeal flour & Polenta. All milled products range from $2.50-3.00/lb.

Unfortunately we can only accept cash at this time. In some cases we will accept a personal check, if it is local, and we can verify your address. We are also at several of the Greenmarkets around the city, if this is more convenient. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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