Monday, October 12, 2009

FARM NEWS 10.12.09

Things just don't seem to be slowing down for us at all here this fall. We have a handful of new projects that we want to get going before our crew leaves in early November. On Friday we received some new sections to expand our heated greenhouse. With the volume of starts we use in the spring we really run out of space too soon. This could be a real problem if we were forced to harden off plants (move them to an unheated hoop house to acclimate them to the cool spring weather) before they are ready. So this project entails, cleaning up all our onions that are currently curing in the greenhouse, taking out all the pallets we use for tables, taking off the existing plastic, tearing down the end wall, erecting the new sections of hoops, putting on a new end wall and then covering with new plastic. Dan's goal is to get this all done soon so he doesn't have to think about doing it alone in the winter when the snow is on the ground. Come mid-February he can walk in, flick a switch to turn the heater on and start seeding! You see we always have one eye on the next season around here, even though you might think we're just about to settle in with dreams of a winter vacation.

Also this week on the farm... more livestock excitement. Coco and Patches will be getting a visit from Litmis, a mini-Jersey bull. He's a beautiful little guy. I'm sure they'll be quite excited to meet him. Three little piggies are coming this week for the winter as well as a batch of replacements hens. Unfortunately we lost about 40 of our New Hampshire Reds to what we can only guess is a weasel. So all, in all a big week here at the Bunny,of course on top of harvesting, cover cropping, preparing for a hard frost....

Here's the harvest: onions, leeks, lettuce, celeriac, garlic, daikon, winter squash, kale or collards, beets or potatoes....

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