Monday, October 5, 2009

FARM NEWS 10.6.09

Hi Folks,
Attached are photos of Beatrice harvesting a Daikon radish, and pics of the new orchard field layout and our beloved Coka Rose cow in front of the orchard field.

We've decided to plant the new field to peaches and vegetables, starting 2010. The peaches are a dream of ours, to be harvested 2013, the vegetables to be planted between young trees, hopefully harvested in the fall of 2010. For now, plowing and drop spreading gypsum, chicken manure, and compost with big intentions for the future!

About the Daikon for newcomers to the CSA: This is a highly treasured vegetable in Japan. And the Japanese, like the French, know the vegetable. Disc it up at an angle to make oblong shapes, sautee in a pan with other veggies adding toasted sesame oil at the end of cooking. This is your farmer's favorite veg, please give it a try! It's also good raw on salads, or on the side of sushi/sashimi. Even better are the greens, cooked with a bit of cider vinegar, mixed with cooked chard greens. The problem is the greens are so enormous, we might not be able to put them into your harvest bins. Know this: we will try.

Also new this week, celeriac. It's another fantastic veg requiring some work from the chef. Baked, soups, mashed. Known well in France, I think. Delicious and best described by!

This week on the farm: Three winter pigletts arrive from Barlow Beef farm. Compost spreading, harvesting, cover cropping.
Here's an approximation of your harvest:

Hot Peppers
Winter Squash
Pie Pumpkins
Mustard Greens/ Chard
Arugula/ Salad Mix
Daikon Radishes/French Breakfast Radishes
Your farmers,
Dan, Tracy, Bea, and Baxter

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