Sunday, October 18, 2009

FARM NEWS 10.19.09

Hi Folks,
This week on the farm: Garlic Planting for 2010, compost spreading, harvesting. Attached are photos of Cody, Beatrice, and Alissa planting garlic, and another of compost spreading.

Also, hard frosts and freezes. Frozen wash stations (dirt covered veg!), snow during harvests, cold mud covered hands, frozen toes...

Garlic planting entails the busting up of garlic bulbs to obtain cloves, which are planted every 6" in two rows. With beds of 220', this means lots of time on one's hands and knees, what with 10,000 cloves to plant! It's the only veg. we plant in fall to winter over for next season's harvest. It's an investment in the future- requiring us to put aside 20% of any given year's garlic harvest to use as "seed." We hope you've been enjoying this year's relatively bountiful garlic crop!

Here's this week's harvest:

Sweet Potatoes (let sit out at 70* for 20 days to sweeten up)
Daikon w/ greens

Your farmers,
Dan and Tracy, Bea and Baxter

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