Sunday, July 3, 2011

FARM NEWS 7.3.11

Hi folks,
Hope you've been enjoying all the greens. All the rain sure makes for lots of greens. Hopefully we'll have a dry spell like we did last year at this time for the tomatoes' sake, so we can have lots of blight free maters!

This week on the farm, we'll be transplanting fall broccoli and fennel. Also seeding fall carrots and harvesting the garlic crop. The pace on the farm has shifted to harvesting 70% of the time and field working the rest of the time. Thanks again to our terrific crew, we seem to be keeping up with it all.

New this week in you share: Beets,fresh garlic, and kale. Don't forgo those beet greens, which are especially delicious cooked or topped with butter, which tends to neutralize the oxalic acid content and result in delicious eats. Kale, in an opposite way, has lots of calcium which is freed up with a bit of vinegar added to the cooking process.
Your approximate share this week:
Fresh Garlic
Salad Mix
Lemon Balm
Dan and Tracy

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