Sunday, August 1, 2010

FARM NEWS 8.1.10

On Sunday mornings, usually during Baxter's nap I sit here and jot down these notes about what is happening at the farm. Dan is usually at the farm doing some chore to get ready for the week ahead. A common Sunday am chore for Dan is moving fencing so the cows and chickens have fresh pasture. One of my Sunday chores is getting caught up on my emails and other computer work. I'd much rather be out in the fields but have to take the opportunity when the house is quiet.

New this week peppers and tomatoes! We are so relieved to have the tomato crop starting to come in free from blight. We have heard that the blight is in CT but so far we aren't effected and there looks to be a lot of fruit out there! Sauce time! Beatrice is the tomato salad maker in our family. She's taken on the task with pride, although she doesn't like to eat them. I figure, she's surrounded by vegetables, so I'm not worried if there's one she won't eat.

Here's the share: cukes, zukes, tomatoes, eggplant, basil, cabbage, arugula, scallions, fennel, turnips

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