Sunday, August 29, 2010

FARM NEWS 8.29.10

Hi Folks,Some crop notes:
So we can say it's been a pretty good tomato year, but I can also see the vines succumbing to the hundreds of different diseases to which they are prone. Sure, we could spray them with fungicides,(organic), but then we'd have to harvest and eat all that freshly applied copper. Maybe to gain one more week of harvest. No thanks! We'll see how many weeks we can pick decent fruit. My guess is two more weeks, one decent, one of saucers...
The eggplants are recharging after all our earlier pickings. The plants look good, we just have to wait for sizing up of fruit.
The peppers are in full swing, many of them turning a nice ripe red without rotting. A true feat in New England!
The potatoes have been decent, just be sure to cut off any green spots where they were exposed to sunshine. We're probably halfway through that crop (I prefer giving it out early, rather than send you #25 all at once in the fall.)
The leeks and onions are a "bumper crop" like I've never seen before. Rare to see quality and quantity team up so aggressively...
The garlic is a crop failure, (we call it a crop failure so as not to blame the farmer!) the weeds got ahead of us and the bulbs are small. We'll try planting it in biodegradable mulch next season, as this is supposed to help a ton with the weeds. What garlic we did harvest we'll need for seed when we plant in October.
The melon season comes to an abrupt end, thanks to the crows and deer. Melons, what a sweet mess.
More beets are on the way, the latest round is just now sizing up. We've planted lots for fall harvest...
The fall carrots look good, we'll probably start in on them mid to end of september. It looks like a potential bumper crop. The carrots we're eating now are the tail end of the spring sowing. Still pretty good but losing their sweetness. Mostly for cooking, but still worth using...
Fall cabbages and brussell's sprouts look good, potentially very abundant. They're in a wet field, which is a blessing in a dry season. Continued dryness will actually help these crops become bumper crops.
Rutabegas and Purple Globe Top turnips look good, as do the parsnips. Lots of roots soon to come, we're just waiting for size and a touch of frost for sweetness. Frost????
Kale, Chard, Salad Mix, Spinach, all looks abundant for the coming months. We've finally got a good system for growing consistent salad mix. It takes a lot of handweeding but it's pretty reliable. So expect lots of salad!
Broccoli, a fickle crop, looks unpredictable, as usual. You should see plenty in your share from now and into October.
Winter squash, ripening early, and very abundant. I took a peak at the squash field last week and it looks like lots of delicata, acorn, and butternuts. We'll probably start giving it out mid September, depending on how our zucchini and cucumbers hold up.

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