Monday, July 13, 2009


Let the coffee shares begin! We will start distribution next week so put your orders in today. Again, you don't have to receive weekly shares. If you want a one time purchase you can do that too. Please fill out and forward the membership order, which was attached to this week's email, form to Fernando at

Chubby Bunny CSA, in association with Crop to Cup Coffee Co, will now be offering coffee shares!

Crop to Cup Coffee Co. is a Brooklyn based coffee importer and wholesaler. They work directly with coffee farmers in Eastern Uganda and have an innovative farmer community reinvestment program that you can learn about in the attached documents. To provide an example of their sustainability program in action, the bulk coffee purchases from a single co-op customer of C2C last year (this specific coop is based in New York) resulted in the planting of 1,242 coffee trees to assist growers in building their farming businesses and achieving higher incomes.

Below is a message from Fernando to help acquaint you with Crop to Cup and what they have to offer.

Dear Chubby Bunny CSA Members,

As you enjoy your veggies from this year's harvest, our roaster in Brooklyn is ready to fire up your Crop to Cup coffee beans!

Crop to Cup is supplying the 2009 Chubby Bunny CSA season with fresh roasted, farmer-direct coffee, at reduced rates only for CSA members. $6.99/lb for Crop to Cup Uganda Bugisu? Can't be beat anywhere in town!

Ordering is easy (all via paypal), and you have two options: 1) Week-to-Week (no commitment, any volume, any time) and 2) Bean Subscription (any quantity on your preferred schedule). We have various coffee options, and each coffee is available in whole bean or ground. More details and order form are attached.

If you are interested in C2C coffee for this season, please fill out the attached form with your details and preferred ordering option. You can email or fax it back to us.

For Week-to-Week orders, please remember to submit your orders via at least 48 hours in advance of your pick-up time.

For Bean Subscribers, please send us your subscription forms as soon as possible.

Any questions? email Fernando, Crop to Cup's CSA Program Manager:

Meet your coffee's farmers at

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