Sunday, July 12, 2009

FARM NEWS 7.12.09

Hi Folks,
This week on the farm: Garlic Harvest! The crew and your farm family will spend several afternoons digging up the garlic we planted last October. This entails driving a tractor with a subsoiler attached in the rear to loosen the soil, followed by many hands to pull up the bulbs, windrow them, and load them on the trailer for curing in the barn. (Pictures hopefully next week) . Garlic harvest timing is critical- wait too long and the bulbs break when you try to pull them... Harvest too early and sacrifice potential yield of size and weight. Generally mid July is the time to harvest, so here we are!

Pictured in this weeks' newsletter, Beatrice on a ladder helping hang our newly donated Chubby Bunny Farm sign. Thanks Phil and Jenny Gneiting for helping us with the purchase of this terrific work of art!

Your share this week, approximately:

Purple Globe Turnips
Fresh Garlic
Salad Mix


Your farmers,
Dan and Tracy

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