Sunday, July 19, 2009

FARM NEWS 7.20.09

Two pics this week of 2 beautiful crops from the allium family. The garlic is all in now, after 2 full afternoons of the whole crew working on it. In the past we've cured it in the barn, but this year we put it right in the green house with the shade cloth on.

Bea is showing you that it is turning out to be a great onion year. Onions can be a tricky crop for us and we get good crops about every other year it seems like. This year they've been grown on biodegradable non-GMO corn based black plastic and they seem to like that treatment as well as the cool wet weather. Alas, we're finding a good onion year and a good tomato year is rare. On our farm anyway. Onions enjoy English weather, Tomatoes enjoy Arizona. Dan and crew are, however, working hard to keep our tomato plants going. Feeding them calcium and potassium through drip irrigation.... and spraying them with hydrogen peroxide to keep disease at bay. They are hanging in there and hopefully we'll get some nice hot dry weather to ripen up the fruit. The other nightshade family crops are doing pretty well so you can expect to start seeing eggplant and peppers coming soon in your share.

Here's this week's share:
lettuce, chard, cabbage, zucchini, dill and/or cilantro, broccoli, carrots, beets, string beans. Wow!

Your farmers,
Dan and Tracy

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