Monday, July 6, 2009

FARM NEWS 7.6.09

Summer Greetings!

Here is our apprentice Cody showing his 4th of July spirit in the potatoes. By the way, the potato crop looks beautiful, wouldn't you say? Under the ground they are sizing up nicely, but they still have a ways to go. Finally we are having gorgeous summery weather. Although it actually feels more like fall with the crisp clear cool mornings. All this rain means weeds, weeds, weeds and it looks like the crew has lost of hoeing and hand weeding on the agenda this week. We're harvesting 4 days a week now and the harvests will only be getting larger so Dan feels a bit of a crunch to find the time to get to all the field work that has to be done. You might think that the fields have all been planted but let me tell you there is still lots of seeding to be done - greens every week until September - and plenty of transplanting too. Sometimes while I sit here on a Sunday morning writing these little notes to you, I scratch my head wondering, didn't I write the same thing a couple weeks ago? Well that is the nature of things around here. We just go around and around the same circles and sometimes the circle shrinks a bit when a task is completed (getting in one time crops like potatoes) or grows a bit as another task starts to demand more time - like harvests. So here we are with another plan for the week that looks a lot like last week: seeding, cultivating, fertilizing, plowing, transplanting, harvesting.

Here's the harvest:
beets, turnips, broccoli, lettuce, basil, scallions, thyme, chard

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