Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Volunteer Positions Available

If you are unable to come to the site to volunteer during the season, then one of these off-site volunteer positions might be perfect for you and will relieve you of the responsibility of your 2 on-site shift requirements. These are the positions we need to fill...

Recipe Coordinator(s):  If you like to cook this may be for you! Each week we send out a e-newsletter where we include a recipe or 2 using the ingredients in that week's share. The farmer will e-mail the recipe coordinator a list of produce on Sunday so you can choose recipes with some of those veggies (it's preferable to provide recipes using some of the more unusual veggies) and encourage members to send in their favorite recipes to you as well. If you so desire, you can choose to write a few lines about the veggie(s) highlighted in that week's recipe. Nutritional content, best ways to store, whatever. We can send you a sample of past recipe posts to give you an idea if that appeals to you. Once you have put together your info, you will email it to our website and newsletter coordinators so they can present it weekly in the newsletter and on our website. Posting and updating our recipe blog is an option as well.

Advocacy Co-Coordinator: If you are passionate and connected to local sustainable farming issues, environmental issues, green markets etc., this may be good for you. We are looking for someone to work with Lexi, our co-coordinator from last season, who is not hesitant to be proactive and will send out periodic email announcements regarding these issues and or events happening locally or politically.

Trial Shares Coordinator: This person would keep a list of people who got shut out of our CSA this year but would be interested in trying a trial share sometime during the season. When/if we have extra to spare because of vacationing members or otherwise, I will let you know what we have available to offer the following week. You will then contact people on that list until you receive confirmation and then relay that person(s) name to the site coordinator's google document online. It's important that the person for this position be friendly and helpful as he/she will likely be the first to represent Chubby Bunny CSA! In a perfect world, this person would be a returning member who is more familiar with our operation.

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