Sunday, June 7, 2009

FARM NEWS 6.7.09

Hi Chubby Bunny CSA!

So much to be thankful for this spring!  
First, a terrific crew of apprentices- Cody, Alissa, and Naf. These folks are all future farmers, devouring the demanding workload we've placed on their shoulders. On a typical spring day, Alissa will be out chisel plowing, Cody spreading compost, and Naf cultivating with the new 1950's era CASE VAC tractor. It's a busy scene on the farm every day, and the work could not get done without these dedicated folks.

Second thing to be thankful for- you the CSA members, who've fronted us the money ahead of receiving your veggies. Thank you for sharing the risk of the season with us. This is a much fairer shake than most farmers get for what they do. I've attended more than one farmer's market when it was raining and no one came to buy. So thanks for joining us in a more equitable relationship!

Third thing to be thankful for as your farmer, is the bounty of spring.

Your share this week:
Salad Mix
Broccoli Raab
French Breakfast Radishes

Enjoy the greens!

Your farmer,

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