Wednesday, June 3, 2009

EXPERIENCE: Visiting the Farm by Rich Ehrenhaus

I just wanted to give a quick report on my visit to Chubby Bunny Farm yesterday. I work 5 minutes away from the farm a couple days a week, so after I emailed Dan, our friendly farmer, I decided to stop by during lunch. After I was greeted by Alissa, one of the 3 interns who gave me funny looks until I assured her that Dan was expecting me, she drove me into the field where we delivered some water for some recently transplanted (from the greenhouse) watermelons and cantelope, I think.  After all, it's kinda hard to tell when these plants are just a few leaves sticking out of some mulch (to retain the water), but she assured me they're the best, even though I don't know if they're for our share.  It all sounded good, but seeing how this is my first season with Chubby Bunny, I'm easily impressed.

Afterwards, I went over to talk with Dan and the two other interns, Cody & Naf, while they were pruning carrots. Apparently, carrots are direct seeded into the field (as opposed to seeding in the greenhouse and then transplanting into the field), but the machine that seeds them puts them in a straight line close together, but carrots need room to grow, so every few inches they were pulling out the recently sprouted seedlings and bunching the soil together.  The offered me the chance to help, with the guarantee that they'll taste better that way.  Unfortunately, I only had a few minutes left in my lunch break and wasn't really dressed for it anyway, but I might try to plan better next week and maybe help harvest some of our 1st week's share.  Too bad I can't fulfill my volunteer credit this way (although maybe we should consider creating another offsite volunteer position ;-).

Anyway, I inspected our rapidly growing greens for next week, and everything looked great (even though I have no idea what I'm talking about, but I'm learning quickly).  Can't wait for next week.

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