Sunday, October 24, 2010

FARM NEWS 10.24.10

Hi Folks,
It's more of the same this week: compost spreading, garlic planting, root cellar building, and harvesting for distributions. Cody, Biz,and Renee continue to heartily endure the freezing wet weather. The farmer's secret to happiness in miserable conditions: two pairs of long underwear, several sweaters, and bibs made for fishermen. Also a hot shower at the end of the day...

A few hard frosts have further damaged your salad mix and chard, but we'll probably still have enough to get us through the week. Again, what kills the salad only improves the carrots, brussells sprouts, kale and parsnips. Soon it'll be a race to finish the root cellar and get roots, onions, etc. in and out of the severe cold.

Attached is a pic of early morning salad harvest- note the white fabric we use to protect against the cold.

This week's harvest:

Bruss Sprouts
Winter Squash
Salad Mix
Turnips and Tops

Dan and Tracy

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