Monday, October 18, 2010

FARM NEWS 10.18.10

Hi Folks,
Tracy has been putting the finishing touches onto our new website. Please do check it out for lots of pics, recipes, newsletters, etc.!

This week in the field: Garlic Planting. It's time once again to attempt a crop of garlic. This year we just couldn't keep up with the weeds so we've decided to try a strategy that's used by most New England garlic growers- mulch. But not just mulch, it's biodegradable corn based mulch. BioTelo is the "plastic" mulch we've been using more and more of in an attempt to cut down on our landfill waste for crops like peppers, tomatoes, and melons. The corn in biotelo comes from Europe, and is guaranteed GMO free. When the crop is finished, we plow it in. This saves lots of time and effort, and feeds the worms in the process. I have a friend in upstate NY using Biotelo on garlic with straw in the pathways with great results. So we'll try to replicate his method and actually have the garlic in your 2011 share come August. Thanks goodness for that onion and leek crop. Is it possible to get three allium bumper crops in one year? Will have pics next week of our Biotelo garlic field (if the weather cooperates).

Pictured is Beatrice as a toddler messing with a garlic bin. (Three years ago?)

This week in your share:

Winter Squash
Daikon Radish
Mustard Greens
Bruss Sprouts
Salad Mix (if we dont get a hard frost)

happy eats,

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