Monday, September 7, 2009

FARM NEWS 9.7.09

Labor Day on the farm is exactly what it sounds like. Labor. We won't be grilling or picnicing or taking a long weekend. We'll be working to bring in the harvest. We'll get our due in a few months when the farm is put to bed for the season.

While there is still plenty of need to tend to this years coming crops- hoeing, fertilizing beets, greens, turnips, etc. we are taking steps to get ready for next season as well. We'll be sorting the garlic for seed to be planted next month. We'll be spreading compost and planting cover crop. But of course we'll also be spending most of our time harvesting. We'll have to start bringing in the winter squash soon. New this week is the first of the winter squash, the sweet delicata. We did a taste test last week to see if they were ready i.e. sweet enough. These do not keep all that well so don't try hording them away for the winter. We should have plenty of butternut coming for you if you want to hang on to those for a while. Cut these in half and bake cut side down in the oven as you would acorn squash. Yum! Currently delicata is Baxter's favorite!
Here's the harvest:
carrots, potatoes, onions, peppers, eggplants, delicata, hot peppers, basil, dill, collards, garlic, lettuce

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bernie said...

Delicata happens to be my (Bernie) favorite too! I love to roast them as well but cut side UP in a pyrex pan with a 1/4" of water on the bottom so i can eat the soft skins as well. Be sure to baste them before cooking with maple syrup. OMG! To die for!