Sunday, September 20, 2009

FARM NEWS 9.21.09

Hi Folks,
It's cover crop time! This and next week we'll be broadcasting rye, vetch, and clover over what was once tomato plants, garlic, cabbages, salad mix, and onions. These cover crops will grow through the fall, into early next summer. Some will get to grow even through next fall. We try to cover every last piece of ground with grasses and legumes for the purpose of soil building. Soil building means feeding and providing an environment for earthworms. What earthworms like is decaying straw, compost, leaves, and the like. What earthworms leave in the form of castings and tunnels is better tilth, better fertility. I've noticed more and more earthworms at the farm over the years and I'd like to think this is proof we're heading in the right direction!

Two pictures this week: Cows staring down the Daikon rows, Volunteers working in the early summer.

This week's harvest:
Salad mix/Arugula
Blonde Spinach/Chard
Hot Peppers
Winter Squash

Bon Appetite!
Your farmer,

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