Thursday, June 9, 2011

VOLUNTEER: Off site volunteering opportunities


If you would like to fulfill your 2 shift volunteer requirement from home, and/or would simply like to be more involved, here are descriptions the positions we need to fill ASAP:
**Please note that the following positions will be set up with a chubby bunny e-mail address so your personal e-mail addresses are protected.
Please do NOT RSVP to this e-mail. Contact

Recipe Committee members: Members will assist the Recipe Coordinator with doing a few tasks involving the e-newsletter where we include a recipe or 2 using the ingredients in that week's share and our blog. The farmer e-mails the recipe coordinator a list of produce on Sunday so you can choose recipes with some of those veggies. I like to provide recipes using some of the more unusual veggies and encourage members to send in their favorite recipes to you as well. As a bonus you can choose to write a few lines about the veggie(s) highlighted in that week's recipe. Nutritional content, best ways to store, whatever. Once the staff has put that information together it will get emailed to newsletter volunteers and they will cut and paste to make it work on the newsletter. It would be great if a member of this committee was good with uploading and maintaining a blog.

Optional Share Coordinator: This member will act as a liaison between Whippoorwill Farm, ADAMAH, Hepworth Farms, and Cayuga and the members who receive the shares from these farms. Your responsibilities will include: sending out weekly e-mails reminders to the different member groups, receiving e-mails from any member who is experiencing a "problem" with their share and communicating that to me and likely the farmer. The other optional shares we offered are covered by another member, Leigh Morgan so if either of you need a week(s) off during the season you will have a back up.

Advocacy Coordinator: If you are passionate and connected to local sustainable farming issues, environmental issues, green markets etc., this may be good for you. I'm looking for someone who is not hesitant to be proactive and will send out periodic e-mail announcements re: these issues and or events happening locally or politically.

Chubby Bunny Event Coordinator and staff. Each year we organize a few activities for the membership. This year I would like to organize a trip(s) to the farm and our annual grill night at the site. If possible, we can also do some cooking demonstrations with chefs from Just Foods. We have done all of these in past seasons so the Coordinator can be briefed from previous staff to help out.

Trial Shares Coordinator: This person would keep a list of people who got shut out of our CSA this year but would be interested in trying a trial share sometime during the season. Later in the season, when/if we have extra to spare, I will periodically let you know if we have a small or large share(s) to offer the following week. You will then contact people on that list until you receive confirmation and then relay that person(s) name to the site coordinator via e-mail. It's important that the person for this position be friendly and helpful as he/she will likely be the first to represent Chubby Bunny CSA!


PS Priority for the above positions will be given to members who have already requested alternative volunteer shifts.

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