Sunday, November 1, 2009

FARM NEWS 11.1.09

Our 22cnd week of harvests is here. Sadly it is the end of the season for the CSA. It has been a bit of a mixed season but all in all we've had lots of great food. Plenty of greens, onions, garlic, sweet red peppers, salad mix, beets to name just a few. Best broccoli year ever! We wish we were sitting on stockpiles of winter storage crops like carrots, sweet potatoes, winter squash and potatoes. Unfortunately we really don't have anything left this year. So we are all in the same boat now. We'll be heading to the store soon for our vegetables.

Our fearless apprentices Cody and Alissa will be leaving this week. Although we wish we could recruit them for life, they seem inclined to look for other learning opportunities. Dan will be on his own but of course his list of projects never ends. He'll be spreading compost, tending the animals, putting plastic on the greenhouse, collecting leaves for compost making. Bea will be his sidekick when she's not at school as she is becoming quite the milker and loves to help with the leaves.

We celebrate this week as we see a break in the work coming, as we are buying our house and we will also be reunited with our adventurous kitty Bables. Our hope for the winter is for lots of family time, a little R&R for Dan and soon enough we'll be back at it again. It won't be long before Dan is into the seed catalogs again.

Thanks to all for a great season and we hope you'll be with us again for another year of bountiful harvests.

Your farm family,
Tracy, Dan, Bea and Baxter

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Joey said...

Thank you. I appreciate what you have done for me and the community this year. Rest well!